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5 Ways to Get Clearer Skin Without Using Products

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Are skincare products really the secret to better skin? Do we need to spend a small fortune to look blemish-free? Actually, no! Contrary to all those ads and influencers promoting the latest innovation in “skincare science”, – some of the best things you can do are 100% au natural.

Here are five beneficial skincare steps you can take to get clearer skin WITHOUT using products:

1. Exercise

Saunas. Turkish baths. Steam rooms. What do they all have in common? Sweat! Don’t be put off – sweating is incredibly beneficial for your skin since it clears out pores. Exercise also circulates your blood, increasing oxygen and nutrients to your skin cells. It’s why you get that healthy, after-exercise glow!

2. Cut out sugar

Sugar – it’s culprit #1 in all our poor health problems. It’s also disastrous for your skin. Too much sugar causes a surge in insulin and inflammation. The result is a breakdown in the collagen fibres that provide strength and flexibility to your skin. It’ll also put your oil glands into overdrive.

Indeed, skin conditions like acne or rosacea appear to be directly linked to what we eat. Cut out the sugar and refined carbs – self-care means healthy eating.

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3. Drink water

Many of us are in fact, chronically dehydrated. Whether we’re stuck in air-conditioned offices, or knocking back coffee after coffee, we’re doing serious damage to our skin. However, remembering to drink a few glasses of the elixir of life can change all of that. Water also aids the liver in eliminating toxins.

How do you know you’re drinking enough? Check the color is your urine. It should be a pale yellow, never dark amber.

4. Limit sun exposure

Nothing is more detrimental to your skin than sun exposure. In fact, it’s estimated that 90 percent of skin aging is caused by the sun. While it’s critical to get a bit of sun – to top up on vitamin D – too much is definitely a bad thing.

Invest in a high factor sunblock and try to stick to the shade. It’ll reduce your wrinkles and keep you looking younger for longer.

5. Sleep

All too often, we treat sleep as a choice, not a necessity. But, hey, we call it beauty sleep for a reason! Sleep reduces stress and helps the body repair by healing cells and producing new collagen. The result is fewer wrinkles and plumper skin.

Even better, sleep is beneficial to almost every other organ too!

Get Clearer Skin For Free

With these tips, you can get clearer-looking skin without having to stock up on expensive beauty products. By drinking a little more water, getting better sleeps, and making healthier choices, you too can enjoy a blemish-free complexion that truly glows.

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